The Earth Communications Center  

The Park is the world's first, largest and longest running all-inclusive intentional World Community in cyberspace.

The Park was founded in 1994 by Brent Hunter and grew to 700,000 registered members in 190 countries before shutting down in April of 2001. The Park was supported by 160 amazing volunteers worldwide and received more than 6 million hits per day -- all while running out of the proverbial garage with no marketing or advertising. The incredible story is now being chronicled in a book titled The Park Odyssey.

I receive quite a few emails asking what happened, why we had to shut down, if we will be re-opening, etc. For a little more information about these questions, please step over here. Also feel free to check out our new community and communications site, The Earth Communications Center.

To learn more about my 2nd book and exciting project, The Rainbow Bridge, please step this way.  

Thanks and have fun!

Namaste and In La 'Kesh,

Brent with the amazing Orion (Orion is now on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge)


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